What our customers say

By using the HiSklls simulator, we find that new employees are more comfortable and confident than what we have accomplished with standard training, and our experienced operators get to train in a realistic way to maintain and improve skills.

Lena Ailin Heimvik

Head of the Prehospital Department, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway

One of the great features of the program was the ability to create “pit-falls” (or areas that are often overlooked / missed) and then have the scenario play into that. For example: one of the calls that I created was specifically made to test the calltaker’s “active-listening” skills. The caller was giving numerous answers to upcoming questions and I wanted to see if the calltaker would skip those questions (because the answer was already spontaneously given by the caller) or if they were only listening to the answer to the specific question that they just asked.


Supervisor & Trainer, The Woodlands Fire Department

By using the HiSklls simulator as part of our training, new operators will develop the skills required in order to handle the most critical situations by the time they answer their first emergency phone call, where people would need immediate help.

Ole Laulund

Manager at The Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre in the Region of Southern Denmark