Empowering emergency operators with generative AI

We help emergency operators and emergency preparedness teams perform with confidence by training with AI-based virtual callers.

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Powered by AI
Our web-based training platform uses the latest generative AI technology to simulate emergency calls.
Realistic conversations
Our conversational AI responds dynamically to different scenarios and contexts.
Custom training scenarios
Create custom training scenarios with our no-code scenario editor.
Emotional voices
Our virtual callers can display different emotions and respond in your language.

Build real experience with simulated calls

Train anywhere, any time

Eliminate the time, cost and effort of organizing training courses and hiring instructors by using HiSklls for realistic simulation training. The HiSklls simulator is available 24/7 and provides the opportunity to develop real experience in a virtual setting. Internalise the communication protocol and free up mental capacity for active listening and mission execution.

Track operator performance

Track KPIs and monitor performance level of operators in your team with gamification elements.  

Reduce stress and improve performance

Low-dose high-frequency training will improve preparedness and performance, resulting in less stress, reduced sick leave and lower employee churn rates.


What our customers say

“By using the HiSklls simulator, we find that new employees are more comfortable and confident than what we have accomplished with standard training, and our experienced operators get to train in a realistic way to maintain and improve skills”.

Lena Ailin Heimvik

Head of the Prehospital Department, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway

As one of the largest health and emergency call control centers, we have included HiSklls as a pilot project in our curriculum and thus have an optimal step between training in the training control center and practical instructions directly at the desk.

Bernhard Eisenbock

Head of Training at Notruf Niederösterreich

By using the HiSklls simulator as part of our training, new operators will develop the skills required in order to handle the most critical situations by the time they answer their first emergency phone call, where people would need immediate help.

Ole Laulund

Manager at the Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre in The Region of Southern Denmark

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See how the HiSklls simulator can be used as an efficient training tool for organisations that manage critical phone calls. The AI-based simulator responds to different languages, accents and emotions.

Why use HiSklls?

User feedback from operators at the Emergency Medical Communication Centre in Bergen, Norway.

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asked questions

Simulation training is training and practicing in a setting which is not operational, but which is as close as possible to the operational setting. The more realistic the simulation training is, the more the learning and the skills developed during simulation training are transferable to the real world. In the context of HiSklls, virtual personalities perform emergency calls into the operational environment, in order to make the simulation as close to reality as possible.

HiSklls is a cloud-based simulator. With access to the internet it is possible to train anytime on any device. HiSklls can be configured to make calls to any phone number, for example to a call centre or a personal phone, and simulate an emergency call for the purpose of training and developing skills.

Training with HiSklls will result in increased performance and comfort for emergency personnel that are exposed to time-critical and complex emergency situations in their daily work. HiSklls gives access to train on various emergency scenarios and provides the opportunity for high volume exposure to critical emergency situations that are vital to handle efficiently and diligently once they occur. Training in HiSklls will free up mental capacity for active listening and solving the mission in a best possible manner. HiSklls can also be used as an efficient training tool in situations where the protocol or procedures are modified and needs to be learned and internalised.

HiSklls helps new employees to rapidly learn and internalise procedures and relevant communication protocols. HiSklls thus contributes substantially to increase the comfort level and performance in new employees, so they feel prepared and confident in handling emergency phone calls from the first day at work. The training simulator gives them access to train as often as they would like, in a safe, virtual environment.